Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys)

Command (Shortcut)

Move to next chat (Ctrl + Tab)
Move to next chat (Ctrl + PageDown)
Move to next chat (Alt + Arrow Down)

Move to previous chat (Ctrl + Shift + Tab)
Move to previous chat (Ctrl + PageUp)
Move to previous chat (Alt + Arrow Up)

Go to Previous Folder (Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Up)
Go to Next Folder (Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Down)

Search selected chat (Ctrl + F)

Exit selected chat and search Telegram (Esc)
Exit display of current chat/channel (Esc)

Delete currently selected message (Delete)

Quit Telegram (Ctrl + Q)

Lock Telegram (if Local Password is set) (Ctrl + L)

Iconify (Minimize) Telegram (Ctrl + M)
Iconify (Minimize) Telegram to System Tray (Ctrl + W)

Edit Previous Message (Arrow Up)

Start New Line in Input Area (Ctrl + Enter or Shift + Enter)

Move Cursor to Start of Multi-line Message (Ctrl + Home)

Make Text Italic (Ctrl + I)
Make Text Bold (Ctrl + B)
Make Text Underline (Ctrl + U)
Make Text Striketrough (Ctrl + Shift + X)
Make Text Monospace (Ctrl + Shift + M)

Remove Text Formatting (Make Selection Plain Text) (Ctrl + Shift + N)

Add URL to Selected Text (Make Link) (Ctrl + K)

Send File (Ctrl + O)

Open Contacts (Ctrl + J)


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