MPTC Speed Test

On 17 Feb 2022, The MPTC (Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) has been released an App to measure internet speed. The result of the speed test can show Download speed, Upload speed, Latency, Jitter as well as YouTube Video Resolution Playback.

 In addition, If users found any issue; they can send the result of the complaint to TRC by email address or call Hotline 6789 for the solution.

The notice​ of MPTC doesn't have detail about how the program work and how it works between client and server.

This app just shows the result of the speed test and didn't show the track between the client and server and which point is the problem.

MPTC always take care of the quality of service (QoS) of the internet as well as voice call in Cambodia and figure out the way to solve this problem.

MPTC Speed Test is part of the development to improve QoS in Cambodia.


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