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Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts (hotkeys)

Command ( Shortcut ) Move to next chat ( Ctrl + Tab) Move to next chat ( Ctrl + PageDown) Move to next chat  ( Alt + Arrow Down) Move to previous chat ( Ctrl + Shift + Tab) Move to previous chat ( Ctrl + PageUp) Move to previous chat ( Alt + Arrow Up) Go to Previous Folder ( Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Up) Go to Next Folder  ( Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Down) Search selected chat  ( Ctrl + F) Exit selected chat and search Telegram  ( Esc ) Exit display of current chat/channel   ( Esc ) Delete currently selected message   ( Delete ) Quit Telegram  ( Ctrl + Q ) Lock Telegram (if Local Password is set)  ( Ctrl + L ) Iconify (Minimize) Telegram  ( Ctrl + M ) Iconify (Minimize) Telegram to System Tray  ( Ctrl + W ) Edit Previous Message ( Arrow Up ) Start New Line in Input Area  ( Ctrl + Enter or Shift + Enter ) Move Cursor to Start of Multi-line Message  ( Ctrl + Home ) Make Text Italic  ( Ctrl + I ) Make Text Bold   ( Ctrl + B ) Make Text Underline   ( Ctrl + U ) Make Text Striketrough   ( Ctrl + Sh

KHNOG 4 Event

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NetDevOps an overview

I. Problem Statements Problem 1 - Monitoring An engineer would like to have his monitoring stacks automatically monitor new devices everytime he add them into the network. Problem 2 - Configuration An engineer wants add new commands to all 300 devices. Currently she tests the commands in a few devices and manually login to all remaining devices to add them one-by-one. Problem 3 - Auditing A network manager would like to ensure that every active interface in her 300 switches are for legitimate uses. II. Infrastructure as Code Values borrowed from DevOps concepts Changes are fact of life Small and frequent changes Continuous integration and deployment Test often Continuous feedback and improvement III. Tools Single Source of Truth Represents the desired state of a network versus its operational state Designated authority over a specific data domain Where to find the “correct” value for a piece of data Typically includes: IP address management (IPAM) - IP networks and addresses,

MPTC Speed Test

On 17 Feb 2022, The MPTC (Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) has been released an App to measure internet speed. The result of the speed test can show Download speed, Upload speed, Latency, Jitter as well as YouTube Video Resolution Playback.   In addition, If users found any issue; they can send the result of the complaint to TRC by email address or call Hotline 6789 for the solution. The notice​ of MPTC doesn't have detail about how the program work and how it works between client and server. This app just shows the result of the speed test and didn't show the track between the client and server and which point is the problem. MPTC always take care of the quality of service (QoS) of the internet as well as voice call in Cambodia and figure out the way to solve this problem. MPTC Speed Test is part of the development to improve QoS in Cambodia.